About gohenry Ltd

We’re an exciting fintech app and debit card that empowers young people to take part in the digital economy. Having just recently expanded into the US, we’re building a global movement with families who fiercely believe that being good with money is a vital life skill.

Good habits start young. So why is money management so often postponed until the age of 18?

Five years ago, our founders began with that question and finished with gohenry: an app and debit card for kids aged between 6 and 18. Our innovative app empowers young people to learn and take charge of their own spending and saving, while the app's parent version allows mum and dad to guide kids through the early stages of digital finance. Our overall mission? To make millions of kids good with money.

We Are: -

  • A young, fast-moving company with a passion for creating cool stuff and making content that genuinely value-adds to our audience’s lives
  • Ranked 8th on TechTrack’s fastest growing UK companies in 2018
  • In the throes of celebrating a recent £6 million crowdfund raise
  • Planning a universe of flash-hot projects, from exciting brand partnerships to graffiti competitions (so expect some good content to come your way)
  • A diverse office that prides itself on its people and mission

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